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Buttons, buttons, more buttons… and then some! November 18, 2005

Filed under: Uncategorized — Abhimanyu Ghoshal @ 2:39 pm

Well, this is primarily for my oh-so-techie family, who keep pestering me to let them know as and when I update my blog (“Beta, if you’re going to spend time in front of that screen, we want to know what it is you’re up to… and turn down that evil music!”). So there it is, a blogarithm so you can be updated by email when this page has some new graffiti on it (anti-RIAA or otherwise). There you go, folks. And its not evil music, its just your everyday Scandinavian Death-Doom-Goth-Black-Symphonic-Power-Progressive-Speed-Thrash-Sludge-Stoner-Gore-Grind-Hardcore-Nu metal…


2 Responses to “Buttons, buttons, more buttons… and then some!”

  1. Ranjon (dad) Ghoshal Says:

    If there was ever a techie to roam this earth, that was Abhimanyu’s dad, Ranjon, in his time.
    “Don’t teach me the buttons”, he would legitimately thunder. I wonder if Abhimanyu knows, that it was his father, none else, who actually owned a personal computer (complete with graphics, sound tweaker and animation bundled in) in those dark days of the 70s. Abhi’s dad was one among the first 2000 internet subscribers in the country (which puts him in the same league as Shammi Kapoor). And if Abhimanyu is talking about his folks asking him to turn down ‘that stupid music’I will have him know that it is his dad and his gang that put together the first rock band in the country in those golden ages of the 70s.
    Buttons he had seen enough when he needed to see them, the incurable gadget freak that is Abhimanyu’s dad, whose recent most acquisition is LINE 6’s POD XT Live, the infernal processor that you jumper to your mean ax and get the hell-awakening blast started that makes your neighbours wonder if a reichter 8.0 wasn’t preferable!

  2. Abe Says:

    well, those are my daddy’s major claims to fame right there… you’d think he mention all that on his OWN blog, but no…

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